Katherine Cox has recently retired as a principal in the state of Arizona, full of thoughts and solutions about the state of America’s public school system. She worked as an elementary principal, a high school principal, and an elementary teacher, teaching 3rd-9th graders. For eight of those years, she taught a self-contained gifted program for 5th and 6th graders. She has seen a lot of change in her 30+ years in education. In her opinion, much of the change has ironically diverted us from our goal of producing a superior school system across the entire country. She believes that in our efforts to help unmotivated students that we are overlooking our “best” students — those who are willing to work in school and who want to be challenged.

“I believe that with input from principals and experienced teachers that we can arrive at realistic solutions which ensure that every child in America does reach his or her potential. By communicating and working together, we can help keep the train on the track before it derails. Please join me with your comments and your opinions. Principals and teachers can communicate and help one another on another blog that I am setting up — principalstoprincipals.com __ and all of us can advise parents on another blog I am starting soon — parentsaskaprincipal.com  when parents seek help with their children’s problems. I am a person who puts my opinions out there. You won’t always agree with me. But that’s okay. If we all put our version of the truth out there and see issues from all perspectives, we can get to the heart of most educational matters. Without doing that, how can we possibly begin offering solutions unless we first understand the issues themselves? I believe there’s been a rush to judgment and that the federal and state governments have put solutions into place without fully understanding how complex educational issues are.” (Katherine Cox, August 13, 2010)


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